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Weekend Walk 31st May 2008

They say that in England people always talk about the weather.  I think for England you have to read Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well.  Since I have started blogging – weather is probably the thing I have mentioned most.

In the UK  we do have “Weather” and lots of it. I suppose, it is the fact that our weather is so changeable that we Brits are “always talking about the weather”.

Today – it was really weired here – One of the joys of living by the coast is weired weather and micro-climates.

For our walk today I wanted to walk along the beach because it was such a glorious sunny day. We arranged to start our walk from a friends house probably a couple of miles, if that, from my house.  I could not believe it when I drove a few hundred yards from my house – to hit a veil of sea mist. Her house and the beach were in mist.

You could hardly tell where the sea and sky met. The photo looks a little blurry – but it is actually wafty mist breaking up the picture. Those dark shapes in the center are people swimming in the sea – as it was really hot.

Perfect for the first paddle of the year!

I wish I had been able to capture it for you – to show you properly the weired light, and the sea mist.  To give you an idea of how hot it was, and yet there was no sun.  (Although apparently according to shed man – our garden was bathed in glorious sunshine all afternoon!)

It was a good walk.


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To-day we decided to walk through the woods – as the bluebells are out

This is a delightful local walk up through the woods – with the river running on one side

However – guess what – It rained!

So the bluebells were quite closed up, and the woods were rather dark.

The scent from the bluebells was amazing

And the sight of all the bluebells en mass is truly enchanting – there is no way my photos do it justice, and I would like to try and get there sometime over the next few days armed with a tripod, as well as camera to try and capture the amazing quality of these bluebell woods

Which have to be seen to be believed

Despite the rain – we had a good walk, albeit somewhat shorter than normal.

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Weekend Walk – 27/04/08

We picked the best day for our walk this weekend as we went on Saturday – and the weather was good. No wind and no rain.

If you click on the picture – you will see that one member of our group had so much energy she was way ahead of us (The small black dot in the center of the picture!)

Fortunately this week – we managed to have our coffee break, in this wonderful spot, with no rain!

To-day it rained (that wet rain again). So I had a useful day in the Greenhouse, sowing seeds, (Veg and flowers), pricking out and potting on.

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Weekend Walk – 20th April

Just a short walk this weekend as I have picked up an irritating bug – so have been feeling under par. My friends were happy to have a quick walk – as they all were busy this weekend.

So we did a quick hour along the beach – as you can see, we had to fight our way through the crowds.

I really like these encrusted rocks.

I must say a big thank you to VP (Veg Plotting) for passing on to me one of these

Thanks VP it is much appreciated – and I will have a bit of a think and pass it on next week.

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On Saturday we did a new (to us) walk.

This is looking back down the way we have come ….

This is looking up … at where we were heading for.

At this point I was really beginning to hope that there would be a view at the top – as it was quite a hard slog!

We reached the top of the path – and looked over to this. Yes it was worth it. Of course as soon as we got our thermos out with the coffee – the heavens opened and the rain came down.

To-day recovery was needed, so I spent the day puttering around the garden, planting pansies and violas, diving a monster black bamboo that was well and truly pot bound. Also, pricking out and potting up seedlings including:-

Peppers – Marconi Rossa

Aubergines – Fairy Tale

Chillies – Black Pearl

(PS – While I was out walking Shed Man was a hero with the shredder, as I had cut down by half a rather overgrown Camellia on Friday afternoon – Thank you Shed Man)

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Weekend Walk

This weekend we had an amazing variety of weather. Saturday was lovely. We managed to get lots of clearing up done in the garden. (All those trimmings from when I cut the laurel hedge back).

However Sunday was a different matter …. I am sure you will have read on a lot of UK blogs that we had snow at the weekend.

While I realize that for those of you in colder climes – our puny snow will seem a little thin on the ground.

There was enough of it to make the coffee stop on our weekend walk a tad uncomfortable.

(If any of you who read this use wordpress – please could you tell me where the spell checker has gone)

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