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On Sunday Dobby and I visited a garden that was open for the day, as part of the NGS scheme. I am not a big visitor of open gardens mostly because I find it too difficult to leave mine. But this garden is in our village and is owned by Guy and Margaret LLoyd.

The nice thing about gardens that open under the NGS scheme is that they are “real peoples gardens”. As opposed to set “show pieces”.

Guy is very keen on trees and has some lovely planting – also knows a great deal about evergreen shrubs that cope with the salt winds here.

Below:- A general view of part of the Garden

These caught my eye – but although interesting – not for me!

I thought this tree was quite lovely

Especially close up.

It is Metasequoia Glyptostroboides “Gold Rush” – Yellow Dawn Redwood tree, a deciduous conifer.

It has the most wonderful foliage.

Below:- An enticing path

Below:- What I wanted to take home with me

Leptospermum Scaparium “Martinii”

And what we really came for – tea and wonderful home made cake!

I managed amazing restraint in the plant sales area – but Dobby succumbed to a nice lavender and a lovely shrub – whose name we both forgot on our walk home.


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