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Spring Sunshine


The daffodils are out now after the wonderful sunshine that we have had the past few days.

I think these are probably Narcissus “tete a tete” although they were here in the garden when we arrived 18 months ago.

I have to confess to not liking daffodils very much – well, I like to see them in other peoples gardens – but not to keen on them in my own, because I always forget where they are and end up putting a fork through them.

The secret is to plant a mass of bulbs somewhere where they can be left to their own devices. In this garden – they seem to be popping up in the flowerbeds and no two are the same variety, so the effect is somewhat spotty.

Single Miniature Daffodil
These miniature ones that are growing beneath the camellia are quite sweet

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The sun came out to-day and so did the Pulmonaria – not such an interesting variety as Threadspider had on her blog – but a welcome sign of spring nonetheless.

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While out walking I saw these snowdrops – which reminded me about the small clump in my garden.

But when I went to look for them ….


…. A mole had been there first!

Still haven’t quite sorted the sizes of the image files. I didn’t mean for them to be quite so big!

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