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Excellent blog goes to …


Close up of Daisey in the Lawn


Further to my post of the 20th February (where did the last 7 days go??) I am passing on the “excellent” that Threadspider gave me to the following blogs.

I have listed these excellent blogs on both my blogs, so there is a mix of textile art and gardening – (and I am afraid I am a couple of days later posting here)

Seth at the Altered Page

He writes a very interesting blog, I particularly enjoyed his pulse series of interviews.

Jude at Spirit Cloth – her blog and her stitching are a mediation

Michelle Ward – whose work I think is amazing and she is so generous, with links, techniques and her writing.

Monica Magness at Girl gone Thread Wild. My experience of Monica’s blog is one of such joy and vibrancy. In particular the Artists Squares she has organized.

Kate Smudges – who has just celebrated her first anniversary with her blog Kate Smudges in Earth Paint and Life. I feel Kate’s blog is like sitting down with a friend for a cup of tea.

Also – Sandy at Garden Path. I have only recently started following Sandy’s blog and I am enjoying her images and her Haiku.

As you can see by the picture above – Daisies are starting to grow in the lawn … Spring must be here!


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