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View of the rain through my door

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When did it get to be July?

Where did the last 10 days go to?

Why is it so wet, windy and cold?

When will it be summer?

That is how I feel just now – the days are whizzing past so fast and I seem to have been so busy;- both at work and here in the garden (in between the rain showers).

I would like to apologize to all the people who have left comments on my last three posts.  I am so sorry that I have not responded to you all individually.  I really appreciate the comments that you all took the time to write.

I was pleased that the Comic Issue no2 was so well received. The poppy heads have now retired to have loads of seedlings but no doubt they will be back one day.

A big thank you also to those of you who visited my blog for “The Big Green Leaf – A celebration”.

I really enjoyed putting my post together – and I also enjoyed visiting lots of other blogs celebrating (at Emma’s suggestion) Green leaves – it was fascinating to see so much wonderful foliage. And an extra hug to those of you who read that post via Blotanical and “picked” it.  This meant it was on the “popular post” page for a couple of days and I was well chuffed.

As this is a thank you post, I would also like to thank Zoe at Garden Hopping and Mrs. B at Carrots and Kids for passing an Art y Pico award on to me. Thanks Zoe and Mrs. B – I enjoy both your blogs.

Thanks also to The Impecunious Gardener – who tagged me with the 6 things tag.  I hope to follow up on all of these when I have a little breathing space.

So this is for all of you from me!


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