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Support Please

First – Thanks to all of you who left comments and e-mails with regards to my sons wedding. We all had a fabulous day, I cried buckets, and I am just so happy and proud of all my children.

Today I spent 3 hours in a friends garden. Her passion-flower had blown down off the wall a couple of months ago and I went to sort it out. This plant was on the wall when she inherited the garden, and last summer it was looking very healthy and bloomed prolifically. However, to-day I discovered that it had been growing through chicken wire attached to the wall, and the poor plant was in a dreadful mess.

The main stems showed signs of rubbing and wear where the wire had cut into them and I am not sure if it had ever been well pruned.

passion-flower tangled in chicken wire.

It is important, before you even buy a climber to put proper support in place. I know that I am some times guilty of planting something and thinking that I will put the trellis/post/wires, whatever is appropriate in at a later date.

Then the plant grows – looks well and other things in the garden take your attention and before you can say “passiflora caerulea” (which I am not sure that I can say) Your climber has out-grown its twig, or bit of string that was temporarily holding it to the wall.

Passion flowers do not respond to “hard pruning” otherwise I could of cut it off and started again – as you can do with some other climbers.

So support your climbers well, as three hours of snipping away at chicken wire is not much fun.

In my garden, the magnolia has bloomed – but as the weather forecast is for heavy rain and wind, the blooms may not last very long, however it is a thing of beauty, which I shall enjoy for as long as I may.


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