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I found last week physically hard work – all “my” gardens, including my own, involved more digging than usual.

So over the weekend I was determined not to “do digging”. As Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK, I went plant shopping with one of my friends.

She has asked me to advise and help her choose new plants for her garden as she has recently been bitten by the gardening bug and is in the process of creating and extending the borders.

We had a fantastic day out – and below are some of her new “babies”.

Cordyline australis “Torbay Dazzler”

Libertia “Taupo Sunset”

Juncus decipiens “Curly-Wurly”

(I really like this – I picked one up – then put it back –

Now I wish it had stayed “picked up”)

She also bought other plants including:- curry plant, bronze fennel and a lovely hardy Geranium “Cantabrigiense Biokovo”

My friends front garden is slightly challenging. Her house sits above the sea – and the view is wonderful. Looking out over the sea. Watching the sun sink slowly in the West, with a glass of something;- a perfect way to spend a warm summer evening.

However the flip side of this coin – is storm lashing wind. Her house gets the full force of the prevailing south, south westerlies. Carried on these winds is salt spray. You have to be a very particular type of plant to live here – and look good. A lot of planting can turn brown and crispy in these conditions.

However a challenging garden is a small price to pay to look at this.

I think quite soon she is going to have the wonderful view and great planting.

Of course I was very restrained and didn’t buy a single plant.

If you believe that ….

You’ll believe anything

(I went to check on the bluebell woods to-day – I think in a couple of days they should be at their peak – watch this space!)


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