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Relaxing Day in the Garden

On Saturday, while I was having a “Tough day at the office”. Shed Man was at home, having a relaxing day in the garden.

At the beginning of the year – the bottom part of our garden looked like this.

Actually, in this photo the area does not look to bad, but believe me when I say that last week it looked like a jungle!

In this part of the garden, there were a few seedling trees. Also I had “heeled in” plants dug up from all over the garden. Gradually through the year – this area had become a general dumping ground for anything we were not quite sure about, both in terms of plants and “garden rubbish”.

When I got home from work on Saturday, it looked like this …

Shed Man had dug up the seedling trees that we didn’t want. Dug up the “heeled in” plants, cleared the ground. Moved all the rubbish to the back wall.

He had also dug a trench for the new hedge that we are going to create from the beech trees that we have taken up from around the garden. This is the new hedge line, filled with compost from the compost heap.

This picture does not really show how deep the trench is. In our garden – planting anything is no easy task, and digging a trench involves taking out a huge quantity of stones like this

These rocks also came out of this trench

He also used a few of the rocks to make a retaining wall where the level changes.

When I got home I was so delighted, as I had no idea that he was going to work on this area of the garden.

Thank you Shed Man

(although I suspect he doesn’t read my blog!)

On Sunday, we planted the trees that will eventually form our hedge. (I think we may need to get another couple). Hopefully they will hide what will be our “messy bit”. I think every garden needs a messy bit.

Then we covered the area with a weed suppressant, which will help keep it moderately clear over the next few months.

Half of this area (fingers crossed) will be our soft fruit area. Although we probably wont start work on constructing it until the autumn. Dobby came by on Sunday as well, and she and I did more digging and clearing at this end of the garden – so I am really happy that it looks so much tidier. (I get overwhelmed when the garden goes a bit mad).

And I can spend the next little while planning what we will grow there – always an aspect of gardening that I really enjoy.


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