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Come – Walk with me

It is hot here today – too hot to be in the garden – come walk with me, we will go to the woods where it is cool and shady and catch the last of the bluebells before they vanish until next year.

The road to the woods is lined with wild garlic (allium ursinum), a foam of starry white flowers in the dappled shade beneath the trees. The smell of the garlic hangs in the air – pungent, pleasant, a familiar woodland smell. You either love it or hate it.

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The first path is between stone walls – we can peep through in places to see an ancient woodland. Large oaks, large boulders. The air is lush, the tang of woodland rich and deep.

A stream runs here – we will give that a miss to-day – the heat and the thunder has raised clouds of midges, they make me feel so itchy!

Walking deeper into the woodland – as VP so rightly said – the very air is a haze of blue

Bluebells are everywhere – and I find it so hard to capture them on film – where to look, where to focus.

The tree canopy is alive with bird song.

Some tree trunks are covered with moss – as are the boulders. Here and there ferns;- from tight curls – to lush fronds.

Moving along to another favorite spot of mine – over this style …

And into an area which has stone walls on all four sides – perhaps it was a pasture, but trees have grown here. To me it seems like a walled garden, a wild walled garden. Overhead a buzzard is circling and calling. It just feels magical.

I have to leave you now – and I will be away for a few days. You may remember that I went to one of my sons weddings a few weeks ago – this weekend my eldest son is getting married. I am so looking forward to it. It will be a wonderful occasion for all our family.


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