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In the winter – I think as a gardener I am prone to moments of utter madness. A case in point was at the start of this year when I was ordering my sweet pea seeds – a leaflet appeared with the words – buy 4 packets get 1 packet free – and I succumbed. (Sigh)

Last year I had two very successful tepees of sweet peas in the veg garden. They bloomed for months – and I was able to fill my own vases and the vases of several friends. It was such a joy, a meditation to go and pick the sweet peas first thing every morning.

Of course this bliss-full memory meant I ordered far more than I realistically need – however I do have friends who will be happy to take some plants off my hands.

Sweet Peas

So now I am planting seeds for this year ….. lots of them. I tend to plant them in the spring as we are in a high rainfall area and they can get a bit waterlogged and forgotten over the winter.

Sweet Pea Seeds

Each year I seem to treat the seeds differently and unless I write it down, I don’t remember if I nicked them, soaked them or popped them straight into the compost. This year – I am trying to be a bit more scientific – and I have divided each packet into two. Half the seeds have been soaked and half have been put straight into compost – with any luck I will remember to note which does best – but probably come the summer, I will have forgotten which was which – and hopefully my morning meditation will be picking the sweet peas!

Tell me – what do you do with sweet pea seeds, are you a

A Soak-er

A Nicker

or a Pop them straight in

type of person ?


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