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Beware Vine Weevil Grubs

I moaned about the place to-day – rather like a bear with a sore head.

Couldn’t dig because it was too wet. Couldn’t cut the hedge down because it was too windy. Wouldn’t walk in the hills, because it was too wet and windy. Couldn’t work in the studio because, well – I just couldn’t. (You get the picture)

At tea time I decided to plant my violas and pansies in a large tub I have by the back door for “seasonal colour”.


Last week the Heuchera “Plum Pudding” that was planted in this tub flew away. I didn’t think much about it at the time and put it down to either the high winds (we live by the coast) or the heavy rain – I thought maybe it rotted off at the base. As it landed in the fishpond I didn’t look at it closely.

So armed with pansies, violas and plant food I went to re-plant the pot. As I was forking through the compost – I did notice that the Heucheras roots seemed to have vanished along with the top.

Still the penny didn’t drop

Then I spotted them

Nasty little white crescent shaped larvae with pale brown heads. Vine Weevil Grubs. (For more information click here)

Well if I was like a bear with a sore head before this discovery – you should have seen me afterwards.

I had not experienced vine weevil until about 3 years ago, and now it seems to pop up all over the place. Last year we used Nematodes in all the pots, and drenched the surrounding ground. We also drenched shrubs that they like to eat.

But they are back and they ate through my Heuchera roots.

(They are very partial to a bit of Heuchera)


Spring in the UK is getting warmer – so check your pots for this nasty little grub. I don’t usually find it this lively, this early in the season.

My pansies and viols will have to wait a while until I have treated the soil. Here’s hoping for better weather tomorrow.


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