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Sorry about the lack of bluebells – I spent an hour or so in the woods yesterday – but I was not happy with the photos I took. Me and my camera were just not working in harmony – goes like that sometimes.

Today it was raining – the bluebells were all closed up and sad looking.

So now for something completely different.

In my garden I have a small Medlar Tree, which started flowering today.

Please click on the image for a larger view.

I had never even seen a Medlar before I moved here – and didn’t know much about them.

Medlars are related to the quince family. Apparently they are slow growing and can live to an old age. Medlar fruit was enjoyed only by the gentry in the time of James 1st (aprox 1603).

We had a lot of fruit on this tree last year – but it has to be “bletted” You pick the fruits in October and then leave them to go soft. That sounded really unappealing to me, so I confess to leaving the fruits on the trees for any birds that felt peckish.

I gather that eating Medlar fruit is an acquired taste so if any of you have experience with eating the fruits from this tree – or I presume making it into jam or jelly – do let me know.

However is it a pretty little tree in the garden – and when the fruits develop – they do make in interesting talking point.

I know that a Medlar is just not the same as a blue bell wood.

I am working tomorrow – so maybe Sunday it will be sunny and I can get to the woods again.


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