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Simple Pleasures.

Simple Pleasures

A sunny afternoon

A golden evening

Shelling peas for supper.


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When I posted for GBBD and subtitled it “C+ Could do better” – perhaps I should explain myself further…..

Taking the photographs for the July GBBD was, as always a delight.   I was pleased with what is flowering in the garden but the majority of them were from the kitchen garden which Shedman and I have created from scratch over the past  18 months.

I find the kitchen garden quite charming and very therapeutic (note the chair for thinking deep thoughts!)

However the blooms I photographed from the main garden – well you saw them

“up close and personal”

Flowers always look good in close-up. However you didn’t see  them in the context of “the garden”  so the bits that “could do better” are edited out.  For example – the penstemoms are in front of the particularly unattractive dying poppies which I am not pulling up because I want to save the seed.

I found it a good experience to give myself a C+ because it really has made me stop and think about what plants I want in my garden. What will follow on from the plants that make June so special?

This is a good thing to think about, as I am planning on stocking quite a large flowerbed in the Autumn – otherwise I would have gone out and bought loads of peonies and still have little to show in July!

It has also made me stop and consider plants that I have too easily dismissed in the past  for one reason or another. Daylilies – dull, all leaf no lily.  Dahlias –  why bother they get eaten by earwigs.

So while visiting bloggers in the UK on bloom day these are what I noticed.

The Constant Gardener Had rather nice Helenium, her rose “Darcey Bussell” looked wonderful.  Both the Constant Gardener and the Patient Gardener had Ammi Majus – which I am very taken with. (Must try that)

Patient Gardener also had an interesting Salvia.

Victoria had a lovely daylily – El Desperado – which confirmed I really must give daylilies another look – and so spent several happy hours on the Internet.  (It is raining here to-day, and yesterday, and the day before ….)

Shirl Had wonderful blooms up – but as she combined it with wordless Wednesday, she did not name them – however my eye was caught by some rather lovely deep reds one of which was a clematis (possibly Niobe?) – but her post reminded me of color.

On VP’s slide show – I was attracted to her Dahlia Moonfire and the Allium spaerocephalum – (but the allium doesn’t count as it was all ready on my shopping list).

So I am spending happy hours planning planting that will carry the “keyhole” flowerbed from May to August – although I have to say – I would rather be IN the garden. (sigh)

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Mrs Grumpey

I have been Mrs Grumpy for the past few days. I blame it on the antibiotics that I have been taking.

This is the time of year when you cannot turn your back on anything in the garden, not even for a second. I thought “I must pot on the tomatoes” – and before you could say Gardeners Delight – they shoot up, have flowers and turn yellow.

At the weekend I felt so jaded, and overwhelmed by the garden. Everything is lush and burgeoning – unfortunately the vast majority of the burgeoning is being done by weeds and grass. Even the annual poppies which are very jolly:- this weekend, to my tired eye looked almost, too bright, too bold, too messy.

To escape from feeling daunted by the main garden I spent Saturday in the kitchen garden – here at least there is slightly more order. Here I feel calmer, pottering among the veg and seedlings, here I feel that my garden is not a weedy chaos.

On Sunday morning – my feelings of calm vanished – and Mrs. Grumpy returned.

I discovered rust on the garlic.

Some random cat and been in and used the bed where I had sown the next batch of lettuce seeds as a cat toilet.

Some bird – not mentioning any names (but I suspect you Mr. Ring Collard Dove) had pulled up a row of little gem lettuce, pecked out all the beetroot seedlings I put in the day before. AND the stems of two of the Climbing French Bean plants had mysteriously been snapped.

The extent of my despondency – is that when Dobby came over for our weekend walk – I couldn’t even be bothered to take my camera.

I have read somewhere – that birds – well pigeons are frightened of snakes – and a good way to discourage them from the vegetable beds is to put a few rubber snakes around the place so I have brought 4 rubber snakes – and they are now lounging around the lettuce, and other small plants.

The thing is – in the UK we don’t have a great many snakes – we have grass snakes, and our only venomous snake is the adder. Do you think that the ring collard doves know that they are supposed to be frightened of snakes?

Anyway … look away now if you don’t want to see a picture of the rubber snake guarding my plants.

To-day I turned the compost heap and loaded it with comfrey leaves to give it a kick start.

And this evening – we went for our first swim of the season in the sea – it was very “refreshing” Once you got over the shock of the cold water.

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Salad Days are here again

First salad of the season, from the kitchen garden.

Three different sorts of lettuce leaves, with radish, red and “White Icicle”


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The cunning plan worked

My cunning plan seems to be working.

We will be eating our first radish from the Kitchen Garden tonight – so far they have not been attacked by flee beetle or slugs.

And the carrots have germinated nicely underneath the radish leaves. Now we just have to keep the carrots covered up with fine mesh to protect them from carrot fly ….

In fact these radish (Cherry Belle) look so good – that it tempted me to buy seeds for two more varieties to-day. Neither of which I have tried before French Breakfast 3 and Long White Icicle.

Everything in the kitchen garden seems to be a few weeks behind this year. Last night I nearly went out to it in the middle of the night – we had such torrential rain that I was convinced my shallots would have floated away – but they were still there this morning – albeit looking a bit rain battered. However – I don’t want to talk about what the rain did to my tulips (sigh).

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