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I have been wondering for a few weeks now why I grew Pennyroyal (Mentha Pulegium) from seed last year and more importantly why I had decided to plant a strip of it down one side of my raised beds?

50 maybe the new 30 – but my brain hasn’t caught on to that fact – and still forgets more things than it remembers. So I went on-line to remind my self of the properties of Pennyroyal and see if it jogged my memory about why I decided to grow it. I knew there would be a reason – I just couldn’t remember what.

Of course! – it is a natural ant repellent, and I had planted it in the veg bed because ants insisted on living there along side the lettuce. So I dug it up – because after a year – the ants must of moved on, but as you can see from these rather poor photos – they have not moved on, they are now living in the roots of the pennyroyal


So that didn’t work at all – back to the drawing board……

Of all the “creepy crawlies” that inhabit my garden Ants are the ones that make me shudder most.


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