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Salad Days are here again

First salad of the season, from the kitchen garden.

Three different sorts of lettuce leaves, with radish, red and “White Icicle”



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The cunning plan worked

My cunning plan seems to be working.

We will be eating our first radish from the Kitchen Garden tonight – so far they have not been attacked by flee beetle or slugs.

And the carrots have germinated nicely underneath the radish leaves. Now we just have to keep the carrots covered up with fine mesh to protect them from carrot fly ….

In fact these radish (Cherry Belle) look so good – that it tempted me to buy seeds for two more varieties to-day. Neither of which I have tried before French Breakfast 3 and Long White Icicle.

Everything in the kitchen garden seems to be a few weeks behind this year. Last night I nearly went out to it in the middle of the night – we had such torrential rain that I was convinced my shallots would have floated away – but they were still there this morning – albeit looking a bit rain battered. However – I don’t want to talk about what the rain did to my tulips (sigh).

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