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Good news and Bad news – which do you want first?

Mice decided to have a party in the greenhouse last night – they danced, then feasted on sweet pea seeds!

Interestingly they only went for the seeds in flower pots – they left the ones in the cardboard tubes from the inside of kitchen roll, which probably explains why I have not had this problem before. I do know that mice are partial to sweet pea seeds, and this year I ran out of cardboard tubes and put the excess seed in flower pots.

I just have a vision of two mice sitting comfortably on either side of the flowerpots munching at the seeds!

The Good News is that my black cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing) has germinated.


It is quite a dull picture and I am probably the only person who is excited by this (They have taken nearly a year to germinate)

So below is the tub that one of my sons sent me for Mothers day. A wonderful treat of seasonal colour.


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