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In the winter – I think as a gardener I am prone to moments of utter madness. A case in point was at the start of this year when I was ordering my sweet pea seeds – a leaflet appeared with the words – buy 4 packets get 1 packet free – and I succumbed. (Sigh)

Last year I had two very successful tepees of sweet peas in the veg garden. They bloomed for months – and I was able to fill my own vases and the vases of several friends. It was such a joy, a meditation to go and pick the sweet peas first thing every morning.

Of course this bliss-full memory meant I ordered far more than I realistically need – however I do have friends who will be happy to take some plants off my hands.

Sweet Peas

So now I am planting seeds for this year ….. lots of them. I tend to plant them in the spring as we are in a high rainfall area and they can get a bit waterlogged and forgotten over the winter.

Sweet Pea Seeds

Each year I seem to treat the seeds differently and unless I write it down, I don’t remember if I nicked them, soaked them or popped them straight into the compost. This year – I am trying to be a bit more scientific – and I have divided each packet into two. Half the seeds have been soaked and half have been put straight into compost – with any luck I will remember to note which does best – but probably come the summer, I will have forgotten which was which – and hopefully my morning meditation will be picking the sweet peas!

Tell me – what do you do with sweet pea seeds, are you a

A Soak-er

A Nicker

or a Pop them straight in

type of person ?


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Spring Sunshine


The daffodils are out now after the wonderful sunshine that we have had the past few days.

I think these are probably Narcissus “tete a tete” although they were here in the garden when we arrived 18 months ago.

I have to confess to not liking daffodils very much – well, I like to see them in other peoples gardens – but not to keen on them in my own, because I always forget where they are and end up putting a fork through them.

The secret is to plant a mass of bulbs somewhere where they can be left to their own devices. In this garden – they seem to be popping up in the flowerbeds and no two are the same variety, so the effect is somewhat spotty.

Single Miniature Daffodil
These miniature ones that are growing beneath the camellia are quite sweet

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While out walking I saw these snowdrops – which reminded me about the small clump in my garden.

But when I went to look for them ….


…. A mole had been there first!

Still haven’t quite sorted the sizes of the image files. I didn’t mean for them to be quite so big!

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