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Artist’s Garden Comic – Issue 5

The Inelegant Gardener, Happy Mouffetard (and some beans) has declared the 12th October LAPCPADPOUB day

This stands for “let’s all post cat photos and dire poetry on our blogs” day.

So I have.


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My thanks go to Yolanda Elizabet at Bliss who left a comment on my “Question” post which inspired this comic. (it is still raining here!).

A couple of my blogging friends have had a really bad day to-day – so I hope this brings a smile to their faces.

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Artist’s Garden Comic – issue 3

Many thanks to Chey a Maritime Gardener for allowing me to use her fabulous dayliliy photographs – which have been massacred for the comic.

To see her original pictures please click here and here

Thanks Chey

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Artist’s Garden Comic – Issue 2

Thank you Krys at Urban Wilderness for the inspiration.

Which was the comment you posted here

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Once Upon a Time ….

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