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Note to Self –


(1) – Karen, you do not have to sow every seed that comes in a seed packet.

(2) – Karen, you do not have to prick out every seedling that germinates.

I am having a few days at home – catching up with my own garden.

So in addition to the seeds in the greenhouse, and the “drifts” of Angelica gigas, Black cow parsley, Digitalis ‘Stewartii’, Digitalis ‘Suttons Apricot’, and Eryngium giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’ that I have planted this week – I still seem to have a lot of seedlings.

From now on,  I am only going to sow half a dozen (or so) seeds of each variety – and half a dozen in case they don’t germinate, and half a dozen to make up for the ones that will be eaten or die – oh yes, plus half a dozen to give to friends!


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Seeds and a Village Show.

Spurred on by the comments of  Zoe, James A.S. and HappyMouffetard, I have decided I will enter my  “flower arrangement” in the show.

If you don’t know about the Emsworth Village Show it is on now – until the 30th August.  It has been organized by Emmat – and it is in conjunction with VP’s Water Aid fundraiser.

In the tradition of any good village show – there are loads of categories where you can display your crafts, produce, livestock, flowers and cooking.

I have to say that “Floral Achievement 3: Bouquet in the style of Sarah Raven” was not the first thing I thought of when I was deciding which category to enter, and after looking at the competition – from Glosterwomble – I think that he has it sown up with fabulous velvet queen sunflowers.

I was going to enter – and will still enter the “Homemade Seed Packets”. As this is quite appropriate to me just now.

A few months ago – I grabbed a brown paper bag from my seed stash with “Green Wizzard?” (Note the question mark) Anyway – I had grown them a couple of years ago – unfortunately, all were eaten bar one seed head which I kept.

However – I have sown the seeds and they are looking suspiciously like Verbascum chaixii Album-

I love to grow things from seed – but I am very bad at labeling my seeds properly, usually because I am in the middle of something else when I realize that the seed is ready for harvest and I grab something – anything and stuff the seed in, fully intending to label and bag it later

I should stop doing this – as my memory is not what it used to be.  I cannot for the life of my remember what these are:-

No date – no name – no idea!!!

I know that I am deluding myself if I think that by making seed packets I will save myself from this

or this

But it will mean that I can swap seed at the garden club – which hopefully will be correctly labeled!

Now – I wonder if I can make a Celebrity Portrait out of fruit or veg for the village show

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