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As many of you will be aware – this summer has been a bit of a washout here in the UK.  Yet despite that – I think the garden is looking quite pretty at the moment as it has massed planting of Japanese anemones and Cosmos “purity”.  This is dotted with Verbena bonariensis,  a dash of red Penstemon,  plus the ubiquitous dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’  which stops the whole thing from being too wishy-washy

Happily my rose “Aloha” a climbing Hybrid Tea Rose – is also blooming again – scenting the garden beautifully.

Garden Bloggers Bloom day is brought to you by the awesome Carol of May Dreams Garden – so do go and visit her, and check out what is blooming all over the world and in the next street.


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It is the 15th of the month – which means it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden.

I cannot flower arrange for toffee, but currently blooming in my garden are Cosmos “Purity”, Painted Sage, Sweet Peas, Thyme, Hardy Fuchsia, Verbena Bonariensis, Dark Mint, Cardoon, Echinops, Eschscholzia, Lavender, Garlic chives, Kaffir Lily and Crocosmia (formerly known as Mombretia!)

Do visit Carol and check out the blooms from next door – and the other side of the world.

Thank you Carol for GBBD and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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The best thing about joining in with Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden is that you can see where obvious gaps are.  Here we are in July and I have a gap. There is nothing “Wonderful” blooming in my garden just now – but I knew that.

(Although the Kitchen Garden is looking lovely – that’s where most of the flowers on the slide show live!)

However it does mean that I shall be visiting other bloggers who are posting for GBBD and I shall be on the lookout for plants that look scrummey in July – day lilies come to mind. I will be particularly interested in what gardeners in the UK are showing on their blogs to-day.

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The 15th of the month means that is is GBBD hosted by Carol of May Dreams Garden, if you haven’t allready – do visit her blog to see the delights that Carol has blooming for June. Also via the comments you can check out other garden bloggers from around the world.

The regular readers of my blog will know that I do not have peony flowers to post to-day. For those of you that are interested to know the story of why I don’t have peonys click here

If there is one word for my garden this month it is poppies. I scattered the seeds last year in a newly created, but empty flowerbed – and this year they have self seeded and flowered again, in a wide variety of colours and forms.

Please click on pictures for a larger image

The other plants that are very prolific throughout the garden are hardy geraniums. These are great for filling in all the spaces that I have not got shrubs or perennials for … yet.

Among the geraniums – nasturtiums have self seeded.

There is also a lot of yellow in the garden, from Welsh poppies, St Johns Wort (Hypericum), and Senecio, but I haven’t photographed them – because yellow is not one of my favorite colours – and I was short of time!

These Nemophila Penny Black are an annual that I grew from seed this year and I am very pleased with them as an edging at the front of a flower bed.

The rose below was in the garden when we moved in – it is underneath the leaf canopy of a willow tree – I really don’t know how it survives – and the scent is divine

Also today – I was delighted to pick my first bunch of sweet peas from the garden – so my moment of madness has started to pay dividends, what joy.

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How quickly the months are whizzing past – it is that time of the month again when Carol from May Dreams Garden hosts her G.B.B.D. So check out her blog – and see what is blooming in Carols garden – and in other gardens around the world. Also Carol has received 5 Mouse and trowel Awards – Congratulations Carol – well deserved.

If there is one bloom that describes my garden this week it is Aquilegia.

A. vulgaris, is a British Native flower – and self seeds with abandon all over the garden – usually in a dirty pink colour, but it is pretty in a cottage garden way – so for now it stays. Among the pinks there are a few purples and blues


The other prolific self seeder in my garden – and one of which I am very fond is Honeywort (Cerinthe major “Purpurascens”)

I never pull these seedling up – however inconvenient a place they choose.

Hardy Geraniums are also very happy here – and spread throughout the garden giving lovely soft mounds of ground-cover. I was delighted that this one Mourning Widow (Geranium phaeum) seems to have followed me from my last house. I think it self seeded in the pots I moved.

Also in bloom are a Rhododendron – whose name I do not know

The last of the tulips

And one of my best loved flowers – the foxglove (Digitalis)

(complete with ant!)

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Yet again – Carol from May Dreams Garden hosts her GBBD for April.

I am so glad that Carol does this as it really helps me notice how long some plants remain in flower. Thank you Carol

In my garden the pulmonaria is still flowering, I first noticed her blooming on the 6th February – amazing.

The Camellia, Magnolia, Primroses and of course the Hellebore still have some flowers. Notice that lovely little bundle of seed head in the center of the Hellebore

Please click on the pictures for a larger view

I have various trees showing their spring blossoms

The Forget-Me-Nots, (Myosotis Sylvatica), Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) and Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthodes hispanica) are starting to scatter themselves through the garden

Honesty (Lunaria annua) and Marsh Marigold Caltha Palustris) are providing bold splashes of colour.

The surprise for the month is Cerinthe Major, which self seeded last year – and it is flowering quite early for my garden!

Oh dear – it is just past midnight – so I am a little bit late with this post.

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This is my second Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden, do go and check out what is blooming around the world and on your doorstep.

I still have hellebore’s, daffs, and pulmonaria gently flourishing in the garden.

These have now been joined by camellia, wild primroses, vinca, and the blossom on the dark leaved prunus.

The buds of the magnolia are poised ….. waiting ….. promising …..

The main event this month is the unfurling of leaves. My Weeping willow is showing a haze of bright green at the bottom of the garden. So for me – promise of things to come is the word for this month.



And lest we forget … the weeds are also making a come back!


Please click on the pictures to enlarge them

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