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On Saturday we did a new (to us) walk.

This is looking back down the way we have come ….

This is looking up … at where we were heading for.

At this point I was really beginning to hope that there would be a view at the top – as it was quite a hard slog!

We reached the top of the path – and looked over to this. Yes it was worth it. Of course as soon as we got our thermos out with the coffee – the heavens opened and the rain came down.

To-day recovery was needed, so I spent the day puttering around the garden, planting pansies and violas, diving a monster black bamboo that was well and truly pot bound. Also, pricking out and potting up seedlings including:-

Peppers – Marconi Rossa

Aubergines – Fairy Tale

Chillies – Black Pearl

(PS – While I was out walking Shed Man was a hero with the shredder, as I had cut down by half a rather overgrown Camellia on Friday afternoon – Thank you Shed Man)


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