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Emma mentioned on her blog that she wanted to “Share the great greenness of the world …. and post A Big Green Leaf” I thought it an excellent idea.  Particularly because I had mentioned here that I don’t seem to do flowers  well and I felt my garden was …. well – green-ish

Fortunately Shirl reminded me about “The Big Green Leaf” in good time for me to do something about it. Although how I managed to photograph anything with the high winds and downpours that we have had over the last couple of days remains a mystery.

I was concerned that; – as well as not many flowers – I don’t have many GREEN leaves – but Emma reassured me that coloured leaves were welcome too. (Phew).

I enjoyed doing the photographs for this post – and of course I took far too many and my most difficult time has been selecting which ones I use.

The other words Emma mentioned on her blog were “technologically advanced slideshow” So how could I resist.  It was certainly a way to put up more photos than I can here on the blog.   I have always admired the slideshows that Veg Plotting has on her blog. (But, I don’t think I will be doing another any time soon).

So here is my offering.  I valued this opportunity to really look closely at my plants over the last couple of days.

Big thanks to Emmat for suggesting it and making the 30th June “THE BIG GREEN LEAF” day.

(Are we doing it again in 6 or 12 months time?)


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