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Note to Self –


(1) – Karen, you do not have to sow every seed that comes in a seed packet.

(2) – Karen, you do not have to prick out every seedling that germinates.

I am having a few days at home – catching up with my own garden.

So in addition to the seeds in the greenhouse, and the “drifts” of Angelica gigas, Black cow parsley, Digitalis ‘Stewartii’, Digitalis ‘Suttons Apricot’, and Eryngium giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’ that I have planted this week – I still seem to have a lot of seedlings.

From now on,  I am only going to sow half a dozen (or so) seeds of each variety – and half a dozen in case they don’t germinate, and half a dozen to make up for the ones that will be eaten or die – oh yes, plus half a dozen to give to friends!


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