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In the UK we are being urged by the media to plant drought loving plants.

Mediterranean style Gardening is very popular in the magazines

My question is



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Just a thought

After several dry and hot days we had rain this evening.

I love the smell of evening rain after a hot day.

Do You?

Sometime during the next couple of days – I will have my 10,000 visitor to this blog!

I think that is amazing.  I just think it is so nice of you guys to come back for more.

Thank you.

So what I thought was,  Anyone who leaves a comment (on any post – new or old) between now and 11th August 2008, your name will go into a hat and I will get Shedman to draw one name out.  The winner will get to choose one picture from this blog and I will send you a high resolution A4 photograph.

So that was my thought – I leave it in your hands now.

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Simple Pleasures.

Simple Pleasures

A sunny afternoon

A golden evening

Shelling peas for supper.

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When I posted for GBBD and subtitled it “C+ Could do better” – perhaps I should explain myself further…..

Taking the photographs for the July GBBD was, as always a delight.   I was pleased with what is flowering in the garden but the majority of them were from the kitchen garden which Shedman and I have created from scratch over the past  18 months.

I find the kitchen garden quite charming and very therapeutic (note the chair for thinking deep thoughts!)

However the blooms I photographed from the main garden – well you saw them

“up close and personal”

Flowers always look good in close-up. However you didn’t see  them in the context of “the garden”  so the bits that “could do better” are edited out.  For example – the penstemoms are in front of the particularly unattractive dying poppies which I am not pulling up because I want to save the seed.

I found it a good experience to give myself a C+ because it really has made me stop and think about what plants I want in my garden. What will follow on from the plants that make June so special?

This is a good thing to think about, as I am planning on stocking quite a large flowerbed in the Autumn – otherwise I would have gone out and bought loads of peonies and still have little to show in July!

It has also made me stop and consider plants that I have too easily dismissed in the past  for one reason or another. Daylilies – dull, all leaf no lily.  Dahlias –  why bother they get eaten by earwigs.

So while visiting bloggers in the UK on bloom day these are what I noticed.

The Constant Gardener Had rather nice Helenium, her rose “Darcey Bussell” looked wonderful.  Both the Constant Gardener and the Patient Gardener had Ammi Majus – which I am very taken with. (Must try that)

Patient Gardener also had an interesting Salvia.

Victoria had a lovely daylily – El Desperado – which confirmed I really must give daylilies another look – and so spent several happy hours on the Internet.  (It is raining here to-day, and yesterday, and the day before ….)

Shirl Had wonderful blooms up – but as she combined it with wordless Wednesday, she did not name them – however my eye was caught by some rather lovely deep reds one of which was a clematis (possibly Niobe?) – but her post reminded me of color.

On VP’s slide show – I was attracted to her Dahlia Moonfire and the Allium spaerocephalum – (but the allium doesn’t count as it was all ready on my shopping list).

So I am spending happy hours planning planting that will carry the “keyhole” flowerbed from May to August – although I have to say – I would rather be IN the garden. (sigh)

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