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Mrs Grumpey

I have been Mrs Grumpy for the past few days. I blame it on the antibiotics that I have been taking.

This is the time of year when you cannot turn your back on anything in the garden, not even for a second. I thought “I must pot on the tomatoes” – and before you could say Gardeners Delight – they shoot up, have flowers and turn yellow.

At the weekend I felt so jaded, and overwhelmed by the garden. Everything is lush and burgeoning – unfortunately the vast majority of the burgeoning is being done by weeds and grass. Even the annual poppies which are very jolly:- this weekend, to my tired eye looked almost, too bright, too bold, too messy.

To escape from feeling daunted by the main garden I spent Saturday in the kitchen garden – here at least there is slightly more order. Here I feel calmer, pottering among the veg and seedlings, here I feel that my garden is not a weedy chaos.

On Sunday morning – my feelings of calm vanished – and Mrs. Grumpy returned.

I discovered rust on the garlic.

Some random cat and been in and used the bed where I had sown the next batch of lettuce seeds as a cat toilet.

Some bird – not mentioning any names (but I suspect you Mr. Ring Collard Dove) had pulled up a row of little gem lettuce, pecked out all the beetroot seedlings I put in the day before. AND the stems of two of the Climbing French Bean plants had mysteriously been snapped.

The extent of my despondency – is that when Dobby came over for our weekend walk – I couldn’t even be bothered to take my camera.

I have read somewhere – that birds – well pigeons are frightened of snakes – and a good way to discourage them from the vegetable beds is to put a few rubber snakes around the place so I have brought 4 rubber snakes – and they are now lounging around the lettuce, and other small plants.

The thing is – in the UK we don’t have a great many snakes – we have grass snakes, and our only venomous snake is the adder. Do you think that the ring collard doves know that they are supposed to be frightened of snakes?

Anyway … look away now if you don’t want to see a picture of the rubber snake guarding my plants.

To-day I turned the compost heap and loaded it with comfrey leaves to give it a kick start.

And this evening – we went for our first swim of the season in the sea – it was very “refreshing” Once you got over the shock of the cold water.


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