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Not what I was going to say …

Today – I was going to write about what a glorious day it was here – one of those fabulous Autumn days – when the sun is shining, still with some warmth in it.  The air is clear and all is good …..

In my minds eye I had the shots lined up – of the sunlight on the mountains, and the lengthening autumnal shadows in the garden.  However, that is not what you are getting to-night, because when I got home, I saw this …

Yep the day we have been looking forward to, happened! The scaffolding went up outside our house.

We have been waiting well over a year for this day – our house is being re-roofed.  As it is a Grade 11 listed building, within a national park – the rules and regulations defy logic (but I am not going to rant about that)

I will be able to cope with 4 months of dirt and noise.

I will cope with builders bum, builders radios, and making builders tea

Because this means – that by Christmas we should have a roof with no leaks, the ceilings in our house will dry out.  We will have no water dripping in, we will be weatherproof.

This year the “leaks” have been particularly bad as the UK has experienced the wettest January to August period on record, and this followed on from a wet summer last year.

The sad casualty of the re-roofing and pointing that our house needs is this –

The beautiful Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus) that covered the side wall of our house will have to go. Unfortunately we wont be replacing it either.  Our house is old (1860) and has to be re-pointed with a traditional lime mortar mix and this climber will do too much damage to the new pointing. So sad – the colour is glorious at this time of year. Having said that – of course I will be taking cuttings – I am sure I will be able to find somewhere in the garden to grow it


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