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On Saturday we did a new (to us) walk.

This is looking back down the way we have come ….

This is looking up … at where we were heading for.

At this point I was really beginning to hope that there would be a view at the top – as it was quite a hard slog!

We reached the top of the path – and looked over to this. Yes it was worth it. Of course as soon as we got our thermos out with the coffee – the heavens opened and the rain came down.

To-day recovery was needed, so I spent the day puttering around the garden, planting pansies and violas, diving a monster black bamboo that was well and truly pot bound. Also, pricking out and potting up seedlings including:-

Peppers – Marconi Rossa

Aubergines – Fairy Tale

Chillies – Black Pearl

(PS – While I was out walking Shed Man was a hero with the shredder, as I had cut down by half a rather overgrown Camellia on Friday afternoon – Thank you Shed Man)


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After the snow – hail

After the hail – rain

This evening – sunshine, and the garden unfurling before my eyes.

The young leaves of the dark prunus (possibly prunus cerasifera Nigra) glint red when back lit by the sun at this time of year.

The hosta (Plantain Lily) standing to attention – at this point untroubled by the slugs that will no doubt devour them before the summer is out.

The buds of the cherry and the ornamental crab apple, swelling after an afternoon of sunshine.

The shrubby honeysuckle’s delicate flowers hiding amidst the green leaves.

(I am not 100% sure this is a shrubby honeysuckle – but I cannot think what else it could be. Do you have any ideas?)

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Weekend Walk

This weekend we had an amazing variety of weather. Saturday was lovely. We managed to get lots of clearing up done in the garden. (All those trimmings from when I cut the laurel hedge back).

However Sunday was a different matter …. I am sure you will have read on a lot of UK blogs that we had snow at the weekend.

While I realize that for those of you in colder climes – our puny snow will seem a little thin on the ground.

There was enough of it to make the coffee stop on our weekend walk a tad uncomfortable.

(If any of you who read this use wordpress – please could you tell me where the spell checker has gone)

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Good Day in the Garden

Good day in my own garden to-day.

I trimmed the Laurel hedge.


This is what it looked like in 2006, when we moved in.

In 2007 we built our veg garden in this area as it is enclosed on all 4 sides

To-day I trimmed the hedge – as it was casting a lot of shade.


I think I have a variation on a pleached look going here. I love my stone walls and it seems a shame to hide them with greenery. It looks a bit scruffy just now. The plan is to keep it clipped at roughly this height, and it should thicken up a bit. I reckon in a couple of years it will look quite nice.

Now … I just have to get rid of the clippings. (Well when I say “I” what I mean is;- I think Shed-Man is going to have a busy time with the shredder at the weekend).


We need to keep the hedge to give us privacy from next door, and more importantly to act as a wind break, keeping as much of the prevailing South Westerlies off the garden as we can.

I am really happy with the difference in the amount of light that cutting the Laural has made. But gosh I am tiered now.

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